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Facebook Page Name Change Trick

Posted: 12 Aug 2019 11:28 PM PDT

What we shall be looking at right now is Facebook page name change trick, or you could say How to successfully change the name of your Facebook page.

So I've received tons of complaints about changing of Facebook Page Name. A lot of people say whenever they change the name, it gets disapproved immediately. Some say they can't even find the option to change the name.

I have taken my time to look into this matter and see that it is pretty simple to have your Facebook page name changed. That is, if you follow the right process and do things the right way.

In this article, you'll understand the right step to take on how to change the name of a Facebook Page and see that it has really been simple all along.

Well, on How to change a Facebook page name, it is quite simple if you understand the process. I'll just get straight to the point.

Let us take for example, you want to change a Facebook page name from 'Real Madrid' to 'Barcelona'

First thing you need to be aware of is that the approval of the change is not done by a person, rather it is an automated process, like a bot. So there are specific process to take to make sure this bot accepts the change. If you go direct and to request 'Real Madrid' to be changes to 'Barcelona', it will never be approved. The reason is that Facebook feels that it will be misleading so they don't accept such. Once they disapprove the change, it will take exactly 7 days before you get allowed to try once more to change the name.

Now that you've understood that, let's head on to how to change the Name of a Facebook Page from 'Real Madrid' to 'Barcelona'
Facebook page name change trick

It would be advisable to change the 'Real Madrid' to 'Real Barcelona Fans'. It will make the bot think you're only adding more detail to the name so boom! It will be automatically approved.

How to Change Facebook Page Name

  • Click on 'Edit Page',
    Facebook page name change trick
  • Click on 'Page Info',
    Facebook page name change trick
  • Click on 'Name',
    Facebook page name change trick
  • You'll be provided with a field to write the new page name. After writing the new name, click on 'Continue',
    Facebook page name change trick
  • Click on 'Request Change'.
    Facebook page name change trick

Once approved, you won't be allowed to change the name again for 7 days.
Facebook page name change trick
Facebook page name change trick

After the 7 days long wait, you can now finally move to change the 'Real Barcelona Fans' to 'Barcelona'.

Note: The key ingredient to changing a Facebook page name is to leave a piece of the old name with the new name so you just have to be creative with it.

By the way, for those that say they can't see the option to change the name of their Facebook page, you can't use Facebook lite to change the page name. Either you use the main Facebook app or you use the Facebook on any mobile browser like Opera Mini.

I hope now you see that it is very simple to change the name of any Facebook page. Now go on ahead to try it out.

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