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MTN Mpules Data Bundle Usage

Nice to sit back in front of the computer again to get you all informed in the tech world.
It seems due to the recent events, MTN has rolled off their N150 for 1.2gb data as hackers came up with a nice way to use this over cheap data plan to access all apps that require an internet connection.

A lot of people who depended largely on this offer where greatly affected. To make things worst, the tech geniuses who made the app for the establishment of this trick started to lose interest bringing this aspect of free internet access to a close. Or so it seems.

A new file was recently discovered which the hackers refuse to publish out so that the MTN network engineers won't block it from actually operating.

Soon after a short time, MTN changed the plan from N150 for 1.2gb to 350mb. It now has become so much similar to other offers by other networks. Even still, it is better than almost all other data subscriptions but could only be used for children knowledge acquiring sites and some specified YouTube channels made for kids.

A new means has been uncovered on how to use this MTN special data for kids and teenagers to access all internet required apps.

This is the use of a new app called SAMSUNG VPN .

This app as the name implies, is a VPN application which means it has the powers to do high tech changes to your smart phone like camouflaging the location of your smart phone, tunneling the phones system and lots more amazing things. This app, once connected, tunnel through your phone and give you access to the previous unacceptable.

Once you purchase the MTN Mpulse special data plan on your MTN simcard and then launch the Samsung VPN, it automatically makes this special data plan not so special by all apps, sites and every internet related things on your smart phone welcomed to the data.

I know this is sounding pretty amazing by now to your ears and I bet you, it is easier than it sounds. You can look up the app name on Google Play Store.

When you are done, just come back and thank me by sharing this post to all your friends and families.

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